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Panel: Content Marketing & Sales For Maximum ROI

field_2_Averycohen headshot 2.jpgPresented by: Avery Cohen
Date & Time: CMS Expo: Wednesday May 15, 2013 (10:00 AM)
Meeting Room: Grand Ballroom
Audience: Business, Content Pros, Marketers

Problem: CMS and marketing investments fail to meet ROI expectations when sales and marketing don't fully collaborate

Solution: Our panel will discuss ways sales and marketing can collaborate to create effective content marketing campaigns

How can CMS technology enhance corporate revenue? Our panel will discuss the technologies and business processes that enable content marketing to reach potential customers and build relationships that support a better sales process.
We will show how companies, from enterprise to entrepreneur, can get marketing and sales to collaborate and offer rich experiences that leverage a wide range of available tools.


Panel: Real-time, Real-world Marketing with Social Media

field_2_davidskarjunecmsx.jpgPresented by: David Skarjune
Date & Time: CMS Expo: Thursday May 16, 2013 (10:00 AM)
Meeting Room: Heritage Room
Audience: Publishers, Bloggers, Business, Content Pros, Integrators, Marketers

Our panel of CMS experts, marketing gurus, and real business users will discuss issues across the SoLoMo landscape, exploring how social media, location context, and mobile connectivity have all changed the playing field for marketing.


Panel: Customer Experience Management In The Real World

field_2_scottliewehr.jpgPresented by: Scott Liewehr
Date & Time: CMS Expo: Thursday May 16, 2013 (10:00 AM)
Meeting Room: Grand Ballroom
Audience: Business, Content Pros, Designers, Developers, Integrators

Customer Experience Management has been slowly edging up the tracks for a few years now. Some CMS vendors are betting big on CX as the next big thing, some are steering clear. But what are actual Business Leaders saying?

Come to CMS Expo for this real-world panel to find out what's working, where there's actual traction by end-users, and where the spin falls short when it comes to "CXM," delivered by people who know.  Moderator and senior CMS Analyst Scott Liewehr will lead this panel, designed to answer these questions and more.


CAUTION: Content Merge Ahead!

field_2_Linda_JC2.jpgPresented by: John and Linda Coonen
Date & Time: CMS Expo: Thursday May 16, 2013 (2:00 PM)
Meeting Room: Hinman Auditorium
Audience: Publishers, Business, Content Pros, Integrators, Marketers

Come to this interactive panel discussion on Thursday, May 16th to discuss where three fast-growing disciplines of Content Management, Content Marketing and Content Strategy are merging today, and how organizations are benefiting.


Ask the Joomla Experts - a Panel Discussion

field_2_NickMartinellicmsx2.jpgPresented by: Nick Martinelli
Date & Time: CMS Expo: Thursday May 16, 2013 (1:00 PM)
Meeting Room: Cummings
Audience: Admins, Bloggers, Business, Content Pros, Designers, Developers, Integrators, Marketers

Looking for suggestions on extensions, tips or just have a Joomla question that's gone unanswered for way too long? Then this is the session for you. We'll have a panel of Joomla experts on hand ready to provide you with innovative solutions for those burning Joomla questions. Please come armed and ready to fire off those tough questions. This session is geared for all user levels.


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